361°× Gold Saint 冥王哈迪斯 猛甲 Men’s Sport Shoes – Hades(Pre-Order)


Hades is the King of the Underworld and chief god of his Army. Hades is reborn every 243 years to start a crusade against Athena to conquer Earth. Hades’ soul is reborn on Earth in the castle Heinstein and choose to Host of Hades (XVI Century), Alone, Shun as Hades’ host. Hades’ real body is sleeping in his temple in Elysion.Hosting the body of others to awaken consciousness, trying to swallow the world with a great solar eclipse, the lonely and cold god of the underworld.

Model: 361°× Gold Saint 冥王哈迪斯 猛甲 Men’s Sport Shoes – Hades

Color: Purple

SKU:  672032214F

Upper:  Synthetic Leather

Sole: Rubber

Release Date: 2020 Winter

Condition: Brand New and 100% Authentic