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After over 20 years of development, Anta has branches in every city in China and sells to the world, we can offer various kinds of shoes, apparels, accessories, and sports equipments, which provide consumers with the greatest product satisfaction, bring considerable profits to distributors and give strong confidence to retailers. If you want to need more information, please visit our website Now Anta company signed klay Thompson, Rajon Rondo and Gordon Hayward popular NBA basketball players, so our prodcust all comform to international quality standards and aesthetics.

In order for Anta to go to all parts of the world, we are looking for distributors who can represent ANTA brand, finding major distributors and dealers to build long-term business relationships

If you have any questions about our exciting distribution program, please email us at Detailed product catalogues can be gladed to provide if you desired.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Our online outlet is open shortly “Anta Outlet“, there will be more Klay Thompson shoes for sale internationally soon.

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