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Anta Shop Anta is a leading brand of sportswear from China for basketball and running shoes to USA and other country. Latest signed with Kyrie Irving for ANTA KAI 1 with top performance and huge influence. {{block class=”Magento\Cms\Block\Block” block_id=”homenewarrival”}} Anta Shoes Beside famous Anta KT, Kai 1 or C202 shoes, our online shop also sales […]


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FREE SHIPPING & RETURN Free shipping on all orders over $99. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 100% money back guarantee. ONLINE SUPPORT 24/7 Coupon: ANTA2022. New Anta Arrival {{block class=”Smartwave\Filterproducts\Block\Home\LatestList” name=”latest_product” product_count=”5″ aspect_ratio=”1″ image_width=”212″ template=”owl_list.phtml”}} Our Staff Pick {{block class=”Smartwave\Filterproducts\Block\Home\LatestList” name=”latest_product” product_count=”12″ hide-addtolinks=”1″ aspect_ratio=”1″ image_width=”350″ category_id=”159″ template=”owl_list.phtml”}} Klay Thompson Hot Deal {{block class=”Smartwave\Filterproducts\Block\Home\SaleList” name=”sale_product” product_count=”10″ hide-addtolinks=”1″ aspect_ratio=”1″ […]

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Become a Dealer After over 20 years of development, Anta has branches in every city in China and sells to the world, we can offer various kinds of shoes, apparels, accessories, and sports equipments, which provide consumers with the greatest product satisfaction, bring considerable profits to distributors and give strong confidence to retailers. If you […]

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